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Pet Rehabilitation

Your pet will receive kind and gentle treatment in our state of the art rehabilitation center.

Countryside Veterinary Medical Group has a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center including 2 underwater treadmills, laser therapy, gait analysis, and much more. Physical rehabilitation is the treatment of injury or illness to decrease pain and restore function. A rehabilitation veterinarian treats acute injuries right after they have occurred and chronic injuries or diseases that have been affecting your pet over a period of time.

Rehab vets use physical medicine to restore maximum function and relieve pain. On your first visit your pet will undergo a thorough physical examination and multiple measurements to design a program specific to your pet's needs.

Pets undergoing surgery at CVMG or your regular veterinarian can immediately follow up with the rehab department to aid in their recovery.

Learn more about our Pet Rehabilitation services:

Dog Physical Therapy

Pet Physical Therapy

Reduce pain, improve mobility and overcome injuries.

Pet Laser Therapy

A non-invasive holistic treatment.

To schedule a rehab appointment for your cat or dog, please call us at (518) 793-7083 or request an appointment online.